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Improve Property PerformanceCEL & Associates, Inc.’s unique and in-depth understanding of the real estate industry, emerging trends, product and service offerings, assets, and customer and talent expectations is a reflection of over 30 years’ experience and the ongoing interaction with our 500+ real estate clients. Insights, perspectives and successful, recurring value-added strategies come from years of experience, thousands of face-to-face interactions with industry leaders and a wealth of best-practice situation analyses and applications.


CEL & Associates, Inc. is considered the industry leader in strategic consulting and the creation of enterprise value for real estate companies. This leadership position is based upon:


  • CEL & Associates, Inc.’s Principals who have been actively involved in the real estate industry for more than 30 years as both practitioners and advisors.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc. has provided a variety of strategic, compensation, benchmarking and/or organizational advice and guidance to more than 500 real estate companies. The depth of our insights and experience is a product of the breadth our clients; and our knowledge, gained from successful client engagements, is unparalleled.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc. has conducted millions of tenant, resident, employee and customer opinion surveys. Our database, benchmarks and transformative Action Plans continue to add value to our clients’ bottom line and transform operating performance.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc.’s active involvement and/or interaction with professional real estate organizations (ULI, IREM, BOMA, NAA, NMHC, IFMA, NAREIM, NAIOP, NAREIT, ICSC and NAR among others), gives us a unique perspective on current and emerging industry trends, challenges, opportunities and solutions.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc.’s proprietary database of company, asset, market, operational and benchmarking information is one of the largest in the country. This comprehensive knowledge is valued highly by clients eager to improve performance and achieve a sustainable strategic advantage. Our Futures Group has become the acknowledged leader in uncovering/identifying opportunities 5, 10 and 20 years out.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc.’s President, Christopher E. Lee, recently published Transformational Leadership In The New Age Of Real Estate. Along with his first book, From Good To Great To Best-In-Class, it has become a best seller and a practical tool for real estate companies, CEOs, leaders and professionals nationwide.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc.’s clients benefit from and have access to our National Real Estate Compensation & Benefits Survey (nation’s largest since 1987). CEL & Associates, Inc.’s strategic compensation consulting blends knowledge with facts, insights with experience, and strategy with real-time information.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc.’s professionals are frequently quoted or featured in trade publications and national magazines. CEL & Associates, Inc.’s leaders are often keynote speakers at industry and company events.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc.’s e-newsletter, Strategic Advantage, provides insights, forecasts, predictions and knowledge that over 12,000 real estate leaders and professionals receive, read and rely upon to guide their business and growth strategies.
  • CEL & Associates, Inc.’s white papers on the future of the real estate industry are widely used by real estate firms to shape and guide future business decisions.

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