Real Estate Industry Compensation Benchmarking & Plan Design

Real Estate Compensation Benchmarking & Plan Design

Experience reinforces the fact that compensation is an art as well as a science. Effective compensation decisions must create the performance recognition and reward programs that: (1) align leaders and their team members; (2) reflect prevailing and emerging market conditions; (3) assure employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction; (4) optimize the achievement of desired business results; and (5) manage within a framework of shareholder/enterprise interests. This framework guides the successful application of current market data, proven analytical tools, sound methodologies and strategic context, enabling our clients to:


  • Align compensation and rewards with performance expectations and enterprise goals.
  • Offer state-of-the-art performance based incentive programs.
  • Facilitate the recruitment, retention and recognition of outstanding talent.
  • Provide benchmarks that influence performance behavior and results.
  • Assure an optimal and cost-efficient operating platform.
  • Integrate in-depth industry operating knowledge with annual and long-term compensation program design and implementation.


The annual CEL National Real Estate Compensation & Benefits Survey, started in 1989, has become the largest of its kind in the real estate industry and the industry standard upon which many rely.

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