Commercial Real Estate Strategy Advisory Consulting Services

Real Estate Strategy & Advisory Services

Strategy & Advisory Services
For more than 30 years, CEL & Associates, Inc.’s business consulting and in-depth understanding of the real estate industry have enabled us to assist clients in defining and achieving their long-term vision and exceeding their strategic goals. We work closely with clients to:

  • Create Enterprise & Asset Value
  • Achieve A Strategic & Competitive Advantage
  • Develop Transformational Long-Range Strategic Plans
  • Identify & Implement Core Business Strategies
  • Enable Successful Leadership Transition & Governance
  • Optimize Organizational & Operational Performance
  • Secure An Aligned Capital Base
  • Prepare For What Is Next

Our purpose is to enable real estate leaders and organizations to achieve/exceed their potential during times of change and opportunity.


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Real Estate
  Strategies &

We provide strategies and solutions for the Real Estate Industry that will optimize enterprise value, improve
your company’s NOI & give
you the competitive edge.

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Tenant & Resident

We create customer based process and performance improvement solutions that enhance resident satisfaction, improve tenant loyalty and increase retention.

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Compensation Benchmarking in the Real Estate Industry

Providing market context, plan review and design for the Real Estate Industry, that enables you to align compensation with performance and exceed your Stakeholders' expectations.

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Real Estate
Trends, Insights
& Predictions

We provide state-of-the-art thinking and best practice resources, offering useful tools for meeting the opportunities and challenges facing today's Real Estate Industry.

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