REACT Testimonials – Tenant & Resident Satisfaction Surveys

React - CEL & Associates Testimonials

REACT Satisfaction Surveys – Testimonials

About Our Tenant Satisfaction Surveys –

“COPT has utilized the CEL & Associates survey process since 2000 to compare the performance of our property management personnel, our tenant satisfaction and the overall condition of our properties to the best in the industry. Year after year COPT has used the survey results to focus on operational changes that have subsequently driven higher tenant satisfaction scores for 10 of the last 11 years. Overall tenant satisfaction has improved by 15% since 2000. The survey process has pushed our organization to constantly set the bar higher each year and has helped us create a culture of outstanding customer service. I highly recommend other firms utilize CEL & Associates to improve their tenant satisfaction!”

Randall M. Griffin,
Retired CEO, Corporate Office Properties Trust

About Our Resident Satisfaction Surveys –

“Village Green recognized many years ago that the differentiating factor in multi-family management, and to truly become a professional management organization, was to completely understand our renter and prospective renter. CEL and Associates and their Survey Services have been an invaluable source in identifying our opportunities and obstacles to provide best in class service. The information we have compiled over the years has allowed us to consistently improve the economic performance of the communities we manage and the Village Green companies as a whole.”

Jonathan Holtzman,
CEO, Village Green

About Our Resident Satisfaction Surveys –

“As a long-term client of CEL & Associates, Greystar has taken advantage of CEL’s resident AND team member satisfaction surveys. Through CEL’s resident satisfaction surveys, our property managers have obtained great, actionable feedback that enables Greystar to enhance resident satisfaction and improve resident retention. CEL Team Member satisfaction survey has also been an important tool in making Greystar a great place to work. Because the team at CEL administers the survey, we’ve been able to provide our team members with a professional & confidential vehicle for providing us with candid feedback about how we can improve. We’ve benefitted both from the feedback, as well as the recommendations that come with CEL’s Executive Summaries.“

Robert A. Faith
Chairman & CEO, Greystar

About Our Custom Satisfaction Surveys –

“We have used many CEL’s survey processes for years but especially their REACT survey…… it has been the cornerstone for recognition then improvement. We have benefited greatly from the Action Plans and detailed feedback and analyses we receive.”

Fred Chaney
Senior Vice President, Lincoln Property Company

About Our Resident Satisfaction Surveys –

“Simpson Housing has been a client of CEL & Associates, Inc. for over ten years and finds the resident satisfaction survey to be an integral tool essential to our business success. Immediate responses to critical service issues from resident feedback as well as understanding from year to year our residents changing needs, allows our property and regional staffs to allocate the appropriate resources to achieve the highest levels of service satisfaction. The resulting above average resident retention drops right to our bottom line.”

Todd S Pope
President of Simpson Property Group

About Our Tenant Satisfaction Surveys –

“CEL is a valued partner for Cambridge. The diligence and credibility they bring to the survey process means we can trust the results to help guide our efforts in maintaining exceptional service for our physician-tenants and patients on every property in our portfolio.”

Wendy Pearson
Director of Property Operations
Cambridge Healthcare Properties, Inc.

About Our Real Estate Industry Benchmarking –

“Crescent Real Estate has used CEL & Associates, Inc.’s REACT program since 1999, and find tremendous value in the content, feedback, benchmarking and Customer insights. We have structured our customer-first business model around the results of the REACT program. From performance assessments, operating philosophy and property management processes, we rely on the valuable quantification of what our customers want and expect. We have been very pleased to have been one of CEL’s National Award winners for Service Excellence.”

John Zogg
Managing Director, Leasing
Crescent Real Estate

About Our Resident Satisfaction Surveys –

“CWS has enjoyed a fruitful and productive relationship with CEL as a result of the succinct and detailed feedback we receive from the resident surveys. The responses enable us, as a company, to implement targeted improvements in the area of customer satisfaction. Our associates, as well as our residents, look forward to third quarter each year; our associates and staff members anticipate the privilege of hearing personally from our residents as they convey their experiences (both positive and constructive) while living at a CWS community. It is this candid feedback which enables us—as a management company—to revise, improve, and redirect our actions and communications in such a way that addresses the specific concerns of our residents as well as reinforces our efforts in areas in which our customers have the highest level of satisfaction in their interaction with our on-site teams. By simply participating in the CEL resident survey each year we send a very powerful message to our residents: WE CARE. As a result, the residents know we hold them in our highest affections. Our Purpose Statement at CWS, “Enhancing Lives, The CWS Way,” is very straight forward and certainly CEL helps us convey and live out our purpose for our residents.”

Marcellus Mosley
Vice President
Director of Operations
CWS Apartment Homes, LLC

About Our Resident Satisfaction Surveys –

“Legacy Partners Residential, Inc.’s purpose is to create the “Feeling of Home” for our residents. CEL has been a valued business partner for us to achieve this objective at our communities. CEL’s resident satisfaction surveys and the Executive Summaries that summarize the feedback have enabled us to confirm that our teams are meeting our goals, and have helped to identify some opportunities for improvement. CEL’s surveys have been an integral part of our annual operations processes for years, and we recognize that the feedback provided is an important factor of our continued management success. We appreciate your innovation and professionalism – thank you.”

W. Dean Henry
Legacy Partners Residential, Inc.

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