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REACT Satisfaction Surveys – Company Awards & Recognition

Each year CEL & Associates, Inc. compiles customer satisfaction survey data from thousands of properties. CEL & Associates, Inc.’s A List and A List Platinum Awards for Customer Service Excellence are awarded to those companies/properties that truly provide a superior level of service. Since 1998, this award has become the National Standard for Service Excellence.


Company Awards: There are multiple award categories based on portfolio size, type of firm and product specialization. There are generally 4 to 5 Commercial categories and 5 to 6 Multifamily categories annually.


Property Awards: Individual properties that survey with CEL & Associates, Inc. using the REACT R and/or REACT T services are eligible to initially qualify for the A List and A List Platinum Awards.


The coveted National Real Estate Awards for Customer Service Excellence are considered to be one of the most sought after recognition programs within the real estate industry. Any real estate organization or individual property that truly wants to be judged “The Best” must be a participant in the National Real Estate Awards program.


React T Tenant - Commercial

COMPANY AWARD WINNERS                                        COMPANY AWARD WINNERS
   2015 Commercial Firms                                                   2015 Multifamily Firms
   2014 Commercial Firms                                                   2014 Multifamily Firms
   2013 Commercial Firms                                                   2013 Multifamily Firms
   2012 Commercial Firms                                                   2012 Multifamily Firms

React - 10 Year Company Award Winners



Simpson Property Group, LP

React - 5 Year Company Award Winners




COPT - Corporate Office Properties TrustAkridge



CWS Apartment Homes LLC



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